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About Us

INDIS nv as such exists now more than 25 years, and we have a turnover of about 5 million US dollar. The territory we serve is the European Community, and we also supply to customers -directly or indirectly- in Africa, Australia, USA, New-Zealand, Egypt and recently in Middle- and South-America.

We strongly believe in an open and straight-forward relation between both our customers and suppliers.

We are part of an international group of companies, called the Indis Group (IG), with members in about 20 countries, which helps us with the sourcing of products and gives us access to world-wide market-information. Sourcing your actifs for generic or galenic product-development is one of our strong points, as we can rely on our partners to find you the best product at the best price.

On top of that, we have constructed our own product database, which contains information on more than 100.000 products and its manufacturers. This database, called Apidat, is updated daily in order to have at all times only the most recent information.