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European Stocks

In our warehouse in Schelle we have some products in stock for prompt delivery. These are primarily Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Colorants and such.

We are also in contact with a lot of local distributors in Belgium and in the surrounding European countries, so in case of any urgent requirements for commodities, food or feed products, you can always send us your enquiry and we will try our best to provide the materials as quickly as possible.

Indis Group Annual Meeting

The Indis Group meeting in June 2019 took place in Ireland, where Mr Maurice Healy organised a wonderful and incredibly interesting meeting at a beautiful venue in Cork.

As the annual meeting in 2020 was cancelled for safety reasons, we are looking forward to exploring The Netherlands with Mr Frank Steenbakker and his family in 2021!



Thank you very much for visiting our booth at CPHI 2019 in Frankfurt!

It's always a great pleasure to be able to see both customers and suppliers from all around the world in person.

As the CPHI exhibition in Milan is cancelled this year, we are looking forward to once again be able to meet in person most likely in 2021.

Be safe and stay healthy!



Licenses and Certification

Indis nv has the following licenses and certification available:

  • API License: updated annually, addition of substantial number of products every year
  • KB74 License (Hormones, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory): updated regularly
  • Narcotics & Psychotropics License: updated regularly
  • Precursors License: updated regularly
  • ISO 9001-2015: audited annually
  • FCA (Feed Chain Alliance): audited annually

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