Licenses and Certification


Indis nv has the following licenses and certification available:

Our list of Non-European producers who can provide products conform to the Falsified Medicines Directive is constantly being updated. We already have access to a very large amount of API's which can be imported into the European Union.

Since the announcement of the Falsified Medicines Directive in 2012, we have been constantly looking for high quality sources with the right documentation and certification for importing API's meant for human use into the European union. We continue to keep up with the changing legislation in Belgium, in the European Union and in the rest of the world.

By gathering all this information on a daily basis and implementing this into our Apidat Database, we can provide our customers with multiple options from all around the world for all their product needs, and ensure a very high quality standard for all materials.

We are in constant contact with the Belgian authorities to follow up on all news regarding this Directive, and will continue to monitor the situation and expand our list of certified producers.